A common misconception is that iCloud by Apple is simply an online backup service for Mac computers and devices. Well it is and it isn’t … iCloud is actually a range of cloud services connecting your Apple devices and automatically keeping your information up to date (also known as syncing). iCloud is compatible with most modern Macs, PCs and Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. See the full System requirements for iCloud.

iCloud accounts are currently bundled with 5GB of free online storage. Once this is filled up (and it can fill up quickly…) you can take out an iCloud storage plan starting from around £10 per year.  If you plan to backup your iPhone or iPad to the iCloud or store photos online then you will almost certainly need to consider upgrading your iCloud storage plan.

iCloud has many uses, one of the most handy is syncing Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Reminders across Apple devices which can help keep on top of tedious admin tasks whilst on the move. Photos is another extremely useful iCloud app which not only allows you to store the full Photo library in the iCloud (great for Macs with small solid state drives!) but also for transferring the iPhone/iPad camera roll to your Photos library over a wi-fi connection via Photostream. Let’s not forget about iCloud Drive which can safely store, organise and sync documents in iCloud in a similar fashion to Dropbox or Google Drive. Find My iPhone is a series of handy security features for  securing your missing iOS device (or Mac) via the iCloud.com website. Find My iPhone includes a remote SOS alert, remote activation lock and remote erase function which makes it easier to locate the missing device and harder for anyone to use or sell your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it’s ever lost or stolen. Any cloud suite wouldn’t be complete without backup and you can use your iCloud backup to restore your iOS device or set up a new one. Family Sharing, iCloud Bookmarks, iCloud Keychain and Back to My Mac are just a few other iCloud features designed to seamlessly sync and link iOS devices and Macs together. Please get in touch with us to find out how we can lend a helping hand with your iCloud setup!

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