Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrades

Looking to speed up your pc or laptop?

Sometimes a software clean up isn’t enough because the bottleneck in your system might be the hard disk drive. Replacing the mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) with a chip based solid state drive (SSD) has many benfits, here are just a few:

1. Performance: SSDs dramatically improve boot-up times and general performance. Programs are generally more responsive and open up faster. Multi-tasking is also greatly improved.

2. Reliable: If your existing hard drive is a number of years old, it is more prone to failure as it is a mechanical device after all. By replacing the hard drive, you are effectively carrying out preventative maintenance and potentially avoiding sudden hard drive failure!

3. Quiet: SSDs are virtually silent as there is no spinning disk in the drive itself. This is particularly beneficial in laptops where the hard drive spinning is more noticeable.

4. Energy efficient: SSD power consumption is typically less than hard drives and will therefore use less power and increase battery life for laptop users.

5. Robust: Since SSDs are chip based they are far more robust than hard drives. Many times we’ve seen hard drive failure in laptops that have been tripped over or knocked off desks. An SSD while not immune to failure would have a much better chance of surviving knocks and drops.

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