Backup / Data Recovery

From past experience we know that computer users do not always backup data routinely or even at all! This is often due to a busy schedule or just not knowing how. ITPeople can provide a backup solution tailored to your personal needs as we understand a one-size-fits-all approach is not always advisable. We can help setup both cloud and local backups depending on your budget and requirements.

Have you already suffered data loss? We understand this can be an extremely stressful situation! Our first priority will be to recover your data or refer you to a service partner than can help. ITPeople can assist you with:

  • Data stranded on non-functional computers, laptops and external storage
  • Accidentally deleted files and pictures
  • Lost or corrupt files
  • Mac & Windows data recovery

Our onsite data recovery service is available in Greater Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire. Please get in touch with any queries.


  • Can you recover data from hard drives with physical faults? No, but we will refer you to a data recovery specialist who can.
  • Do you provide an online backup service to help automate backups? Yes we do, please contact us for more information.